Luke Stover | Graphic Design | Waterfront Development Inc. - Harbourwalk Wayfinding Signage

Waterfront Development Wayfinding Signage

  • 24 Jun

  • Luke Stover

Waterfront Development is a Nova Scotia Crown Corporation focussed on the operation and development of the Halifax, Dartmouth, and Bedford waterfronts. As part of improvements to their wayfinding signage, I worked with their team to design site-specific maps that were installed at key locations along each waterfront. The maps help pedestrians navigate the waterfront  routes, locate points of interest, local businesses, and other amenities. Directional signposts (designed with Form:Media) were also created for the busy Halifax Harbourwalk, where high visibility is necessary. Together, the signposts and maps form a visually cohesive system that visitors can easily understand.